The Wild Jays

The official website of The Wild Jays, a psychedelic band from Nashville, TN. Here you can find our news, bio, music, tour, media and contact information.

Vibrancy is the central force that carries murmurations, the mighty-promising debut from the wild jays. From its cover art that looks like a rorschach test by way of a pomegranate to the last seconds of the last track, even the slow moments are miles-deep caverns of sunny reverberations. Perhaps appropriately, there’s a heavy vibe of 60’s folk and psych (what’s a ‘wild jay’ if not a byrd anyhow?), but it’s mingled in with post-punk, new wave, a touch of sergio leone, and even some deer hunter-esque unease in places. This is one that benefits from a cover-to-cover listen...
— The Deli Magazine
One listen to the lush psychedelic soundscapes painted in the new single “Out In The Fields,’ and we think you’ll agree this is a band to keep an eye on.
— No Country For New Nashville